Mail organization!

January has been deemed my “project month”. Meaning, all of those little projects I’ve been wanting to get done but haven’t, well supposedly they are getting done this month! One of them being a solution to our mail. Mail has this weird way of ending up everywhere in our house…in piles! So here’s our solution

This pretty little guy from Hobby Lobby… half off!

Those two bins are gonna get labeled “IN” and “OUT”. When mail comes in, its going to be sorted through and any mail that needs action (bills to be payed, papers need to be filed, etc.) will go in the “IN” box. Everything else gets thrown away right then! Then a few times a week I’ll go through and deal with everything in the in box. The “OUT” box is pretty self-explanatory…outgoing mail πŸ™‚ So hopefully no more mail piles! Also, the key hooks are a plus, cuz this is hanging right in our entryway. See?

So, after we hung it up, we went to get the mail and go through a trial run of how this should work. The little man helped us get the mail. πŸ™‚

Success! Works great mom πŸ˜‰

More projects to come!

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