A round-up of "firsts"

Elias is growing up so fast! I feel like every other day he is learning something new or experiencing a new “first”. So to document a few of them…

This was his first “sensory bin” experience. We were stuck inside because of the cold, yucky weather, so I thought I’d be all crafty and “blog mom-ish”. So I tried one of those sensory bins I’ve seen all over the internet…except it didn’t quite turn out like the pictures 😉

Yeah…that’s rice all over the kitchen…but at least I had a cute little helper to clean it all up 😉

I think that was enough sensory experience to last us quite some time!

On Valentine’s Day, E got his first haircut. Traumatic for this mommy!! But he looks so grown-up and handsome now. I hated it at first and cried but now it’s “grown on me” (ha-ha) and I love that his big ol’ eyes aren’t covered up anymore.

Another February first, his first time to ride forward-facing in the car! It was not the amazing turn-around that everybody in the universe told us it would be, automatically making him the happiest car-rider on the planet. Nope. Actually, we turned it as we got in the car to go to my parent’s house and he cried the whole way to Texas. But now that he’s adjusted it is happier all around. And being able to hand him another goldfish is well worth it.

E has also had his first experiences with play dough and chalk within the past few weeks. The play dough he mostly tried to eat until he figured out it could be a “ball”. But the chalk he figured out and went to town! For about 2 minutes of course until he was bored but hey its a start!

He’s also now had his first overnight stay without mommy and his first official family vacation! Hopefully, I will get posts up about those shortly. For now, this teaser should get you pretty excited to see the rest…

Until next time! (Which hopefully won’t be as long as it has been! So much to blog, so little time!)

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