4th of July weekend recap

Happy super late 4th of July!! We had a wonderful, relaxing weekend at home. We missed being with family but were glad for the chance to just spend time together at home. 
On the 4th, we went to the zoo as a family which was the first time Marcos has ever been able to go with us and we had a blast! 


E loved petting the goats, playing in the river, and watching the monkeys who were putting on a show for us. 

The evening of the 4th we went to dinner at some of Marcos’ work friends house. They live close to where the OKC fireworks show is held so we walked across the street from their house and watched fireworks when it got dark. E was scared at first but by the time it was over he was clapping and asking for “mo”. 

Friday we got to sleep in late and then spent the day just doing some things around the house and relaxing.

Saturday we took on another house project and finally finished the inside of our front door. We ended up going with a stain instead of paint. Marcos went to Lowe’s while I stayed home with E. He took pictures of different stain colors and sent them to me. We went with the color Dark Walnut in this picture. 

But when we got it up on the door it ended up looking like this. 

Not exactly the color we intended but not bad either. We are still getting used to it but I think we will keep it. 
After we finished the door that afternoon E and I played on the slip n’ slide. He’s just too cute not to share pictures 🙂 He figured out he can drink the water which is what he’s attempting in the first two pics. 

Then Sunday was church and naps and then we went to the splash park for some final fun before the week started again. It was the first time we’ve gone this summer and E loved it! 

Plus he got his first snowcone 🙂 

It was a wonderful, relaxing weekend with lots of fun but we were still able to get some work accomplished. Hope everyone had as much fun as we did!   

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