House Tour Before and After: E’s Nursery

Yay another installment of the house tour! It will probably take me forever to get all the rooms done at this rate! But here we go! This is the middle bedroom, between the master and guest bedroom. Here’s what it looked like when we moved in.

Then it became a storage room and was literally completely full of boxes. Like most the time you couldn’t open the door. Most of the rest of the house wasn’t really livable so lots of our stuff just stayed in boxes in this room. But then we found out that we had a little monkey on the way and I got a vision for this room (and we got REALLY busy!!) We patched holes in the walls, re-textured, painted all the trim and cabinets, painted the walls, replaced light fixtures and outlets and replaced the doors and carpet. So this is it after all the major remodel work but no furniture/decorating. 

And here it is today! It was actually finished by the time Elias was born (which I’m pretty sure counts as a minor miracle). I’ll let the pictures tell the rest of the story!

Sorry for the “green-ness”!

This Expedit bookcase from IKEA was an awesome purchase! It was the only piece of furniture we bought for his room and I am so glad we did! It holds TONS of toys, books and puzzles (when he was little it held burp cloths and onesies) and he can help me clean up his room since it’s on his level. 

And here are some lower quality “during” pictures that I snapped along the way to send to my mom mostly 😉 They sort of document our progress from then to now. 

Hope you enjoyed it!


One thought on “House Tour Before and After: E’s Nursery

  1. I think it turned out so cute. I love seeing all your crafty ideas turn into reality. It's amazing how too much glue, glitter, leaves and sticks years later turns into mobiles, curtains, wall art and more!


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