House Tour Before and After: The Laundry Room

Yes, I realize that I still haven’t shown you the main areas like the living room, kitchen, etc. I promise we have those. They are just a whole lot harder to clean and photograph on the same day. So it hasn’t happened yet. Sorry. 

But I do have the laundry room update for you today! Ok so it’s not actually a room; it’s more of a nook but, hey, it works. 

So here goes!

This is what we started with:

It’s hard to see from this picture but the laundry nook is right there on the left of the picture with the yellow-ish walls. I wish we had taken better “before” pictures of the whole house but at the time I didn’t think about it. Anyway, here is one mid-construction that shows it a little better. 

Nasty linoleum floors and yellow-green walls. Oh, and did you notice that gaping hole in the sheetrock right there behind the ladder. Yeah, it wasn’t pretty. 

And like every other room in our house it had popcorn ceilings which we scraped off. The cabinets up there were in good shape so we just painted them. Here it is the day we got the tile laid. That was a great day. So, up to that point we had painted the walls and trim, patched that hole and created an access panel, laid the tile, and painted the cabinets. Now, most people called me crazy when I painted the walls this color (uh um, husband and father-in-law) 😉 The pictures don’t really do it justice (I’ll try to point out the ones that show the most true to life color). In person, it just makes me happy. It is so cheerful and bold and it’s just fun. 

Sooooo much better! Sorry for the poor lighting/photos; this nook is in the back hallway of our house so there is not a lot of natural light in there. So that’s how we lived for over a year and a half. It was functional and clean and other areas of our house needed much more attention. But I knew I wasn’t done with this space. 

So just a few weeks ago, I finally turned my attention back to the laundry area. My awesome husband helped me hang the shelf (just a plain board from Lowe’s that I painted white) and then I got to work. Everything I used were things we already had so this was a no-money-spent update! Those always make me happy! So here is the new and improved laundry area!!

WOOHOO! I love it so much more now! It actually makes me WANT to do laundry! Ok, maybe not really…but I do really love it! I added things that make me happy so maybe laundry won’t be such a chore: a reminder to be joyful (1 Thess. 5:16), my wedding flowers, and a picture of my favorite people. 🙂

I stole this idea from my mom who always kept her laundry soap in cute little canisters. My sister recently gave me these and I thought they were perfect. The big one holds the regular detergent and the small one holds detergent for the small guy in our house. 🙂

 I found this stain removal guide online and just printed it off and stuck it in a frame for easy reference. 
 I also found this free printable online and just printed it on plain paper and used a frame I already had. It was the perfect color and related to cleanliness added the navy blue color which I really like with the yellow. 

The little brown basket holds the dryer sheets and the little blue bucket is being used as a trash can for right now (I’d like to get a bigger one down the road).
Our ironing board lives next to the dryer up against the wall and our drying rack lives on the opposite side beside the washer. 

We do still have one little problem in here though…

Ewww right? The old light cover was working fine for us so we left it in there. But then it got cracked and then it got flooded when the tornado made the roof leak. So now the cover is gone and it’s not lookin’ so hot. So I suppose we should probably do something about that eventually. But for right now I’m just enjoying the rest of the room. I think if I could do it again, I would definitely paint the cabinets white instead of the creamy-tan color they are. Maybe I still will someday. Anyway, it’s a tiny little space but it works hard and holds a ton! And I get to look at this every day. 🙂

And that is the story of our little laundry area. Hope you enjoyed it!

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