"Away" in our own town

Marcos and I went on a little one-night “getaway”…except we stayed here in OKC! Friday was Marcos’ birthday and Saturday was the anniversary of our engagement so we spent Friday night and Saturday morning celebrating and getting some time to reconnect without Elias. 

Elias stayed with Marcos’ mom for the night and he did great. It was only the second time we’ve left him overnight so it was still a little stressful for me but I tried not to worry too much about him and just enjoyed getting to spend some grown-up time. 

We actually started the birthday celebrations Friday morning with birthday breakfast for Marcos. Elias and I got up before him and blew up some balloons and such just for fun. E was way super excited about all of that which made me excited for his birthday in a couple months! Also (side story of cuteness) we opened the windows because it was such a beautiful day and it was pretty windy outside. Elias is exactly the right height to rest his chin on the windowsill in the living room and look out. He discovered the wind blowing in through the window and stood there for a good 10 minutes just letting it blow on him. He told me he was going to “see the windy”. Too cute! When we finally woke Marcos up he was so excited about everything that he said “tum on daddy ruuuuuun!” Haha we were cracking up!
So here’s the birthday boy at breakfast (he hadn’t had coffee yet ha!)

Then we spent some family time at the park and took naps before we dropped E off in the afternoon. Then on to the vacation! 

We ate dinner at a cajun place called Jazmoz Bourbon St. Cafe. It was excellent! And the waiter might have tried to give my steak to Marcos and his pasta to me…
Then one of my favorite parts was the candy store! It is seriously like the coolest place ever. Soda in old bottles, a bajillion kinds of candy (the scoop kind) and a working pinball machine?! I mean how much better does it get?

We spent the rest of the evening walking around the Myriad Gardens and watching World Cup Qualifier games in the hotel room (isn’t that what everyone goes to hotels for?). 

Saturday morning we slept innnnnnnnnn! No baby alarm clock and it was the best! Then Guatemalan food for breakfast…

…and a trip to the art museum!

Can you tell that the blown glass exhibit was my favorite? 😉

Of course we had to read “the book” that evening and reminisce about what we were doing three years ago on that day. It’s been a great 3 years!

So that was our fun little spur-of-the-moment getaway! It was so fun to explore our own town. All of the things we did and places we ate were new to us, even though we’ve lived here for 2 1/2 years! Good times 🙂

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