Monkey Chatter

I thought it might be fun to document some of the hilarious and adorable things Elias is saying these days in posts reserved just for that. Hence the name…I’m not sure Elias will ever outgrow being “the little monkey”. 

Convo #1: 
(Eating cereal in the morning, E picks up his bowl and drinks the milk out of it and sets it down.) E: Ahhhh, I drinked it mom.

Convo #2:
E: Li Li have a chicken?” (asking for Marcos’ onion ring) 
E: (Eating onion rings in his carseat) Uh-oh mommy, uh-oh 
Mommy: what’s wrong bud? 
E: (holding just the inside onion part up for me to see) Li Li broke the Chicken

Convo #3
Daddy: Elias David Souza!
E: Not souza…Li Li!

Convo #4
Daddy: Daddy and Mommy went on a date.
E: Daddy and Mommy on date. (Pause…thinking…) Li Li on date!

Convo #5
Mommy: We say “thank you” because that’s polite.
E: (pointing at the light fixture over the table) Puh-light?

Convo #6
E: Li Li ki-ding (crying)
Mommy: You’re not crying, you’re faking silly
E: Mommy crying?
Mommy: No, mommy’s not crying
E: Mommy faking!

And these aren’t really conversations but some of the words we are currently laughing at are:
tab-pub (bathtub), strawbuhlies (strawberries), nim-nims (M&M’s), and just mom (not mommy or momma just mom like he’s 12 or something). Seriously, this kid cracks us up!

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