Crafty Fall Wreath

Good morning! I just wanted to share a little fall project I did a few weeks back that I have really been enjoying. It was cheap, easy and fun and the end result (I think) is so pretty and festive. So here we go!

This really doesn’t need a whole lot of explanation but here’s what I did. I had been wanting to decorate for fall without spending a lot of money and I thought a wreath on the front door would be perfect. So I made a trip to Hobby Lobby and just lucked out and happened to go on a day that all their fall stuff was 40-50% off! Happy day! So I got one of those plain wreaths for $2 and a few other cheapest-things-I-could-find that I thought would look pretty. 

I splurged on that little pumpkin (a whole $4.99 I think) because I thought it was the cutest little punkin’ ever. Well except for this little punkin’…

He did a craft project too while mommy worked on hers. Paint in a bag! He thought it was super fun and I thought it was super mess-free! 

His finished work…
Ok, back to the wreath. I also picked up a wooden letter (it was originally white) and a little ring of fake leaves that I disassembled. I already had the burlap at home so my total cost for supplies was about $25 I think. I had a gift card so I only ended up paying $11! Woohoo! Which $25 may seem like a lot to spend on a wreath you have to do yourself but when I looked at the price tag of pre-made ones and saw $79.99 I was pretty happy. 
Once I got everything home I basically just arranged it until I was happy and then stuck it all on using hot glue where necessary. The wooden letter I just stuck on with hot glue and so far it has held up just fine. 
And here is the finished result! 
So that was my crafty little fall project! Hope you are enjoying fall too! 
Oh and speaking of fall cuteness I have been loving our little man’s fall outfits! Look at this cutie!

Happy fall! 🙂

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