Yep, we are having a girl this time around! We are surprised but so super excited to welcome a girl after our crazy little man. 🙂 I was leaning a lot more toward thinking it was another boy since I felt almost exactly the same as I did with E. I should have known though, because both grandma’s were just SURE that it was a girl! Those ladies have powers I tell ya. 

Anyway, we are way excited and know that this little bean will be a joy and a blessing! Here are some ultrasound pics!

Profile – her nose is definitely different than E’s

Waving 🙂

Left and right foot (she was sitting on one)

It’s a girl! 

Her little face (which I’m sure is adorable…it
just happens to look slightly like an alien)

And yes I realize I haven’t even posted about our announcement or finding out about this bean (ette?). Gotta work up the emotional energy to write that one out 🙂 

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