Monkey Chatter

I thought it was high time for another one of these! This kid makes me laugh daily and I’m sure I’ve forgotten half of the funny things he’s said. Here’s a few I wrote down to remember.  No idea where #3 came from!

Convo #1
E (Practicing his memory verse): All we like sheep have gone astray….how many, many feet you meet! 

Convo #2
E (Remembering a conversation we’d had earlier): If I fall and hit the fireplace we’ll have to go to the chiropractor later. 

Convo #3 
Mommy (Calling across the room to Daddy): Your food is ready dear!!
E: Is that my dear? Is that my father dear? 

Convo #4
E (In the most grown-up voice ever when Mommy sat down next to him at the table for lunch): Are you having a fun day Mommy?

Convo #5 (This happened on my birthday by the way…best present ever)
E: Mommy, are you my best friend?

A few phrases that we are laughing at right now are “last morning” which usually means yesterday but can really mean anytime in the past, and “to-bout” instead of “about” (as in “I’m talking to-bout that blue one mommy!”). 

Go here to read my last post about this crazy kid’s talk!

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