How I managed to ruin two perfectly good appliances in one day…and other mom-fail moments

Mom-fail #1 

Yep that’s right. Two. In one day. About 20 minutes actually. Although one isn’t actually ruined after all. So here’s the story. After living in absolute chaos for a few months, I decided it was high time I get back into a cleaning routine. So I started last week and was feeling pretty proud of myself for keeping the house at least sanitary again. Until Tuesday that is…when I attempted the kitchen. I usually clean our microwave with vinegar by steaming it. You can read all about that process here. Well I’ve been doing it this way for about 6 or 8 months so I’ve done it plenty of times. But apparently I did something different this time. I put the vinegar/water in a glass bowl and turned on the microwave (just like I always do) and started cleaning the dishwasher front. The kids were asleep so the house was quiet except for the hum of the microwave running. And then it happened. It sounded like a gunshot went off and I jumped and screamed. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the microwave door flying open and the glass bowl hurtling out. After I recovered from my mini heart attack (my heart was racing for a good ten minutes) I realized what had happened. Apparently the vinegar evaporated. Apparently when that happens the glass bowl gets reeeeally hot. And apparently when the glass bowl gets really hot it explodes. So yes, basically I exploded the door off my microwave. The bad news is the microwave no longer works. The good news is that apparently I have two really good sleepers because neither of them woke up 😉

Ok, appliance number two. As I was recovering from the shock of an explosion in my kitchen, I decided to continue cleaning the other appliances. Typically I just use an all-purpose cleaner and wipe down the fronts but I thought I would go the extra mile and clean our stainless steel appliances with a cleaner made specifically for that purpose. So I cleaned the dishwasher front. Sparkling. The oven? Sparkling. The refrigerator? Streaky and scratched. No one told me our refrigerator was a fraud. It’s FAKE stainless steel and that does not work well with stainless steel cleaner. 
However, I was able to salvage the fridge pretty well after lots of rinsing and wiping and buffing. It’s not as good as new but it’s not too noticeable. 

Mom-fail #2
Twice in the same week I drove home from an outing without buckling my toddlers car seat. Somehow in the chaos of getting both kids out of the parking lot and into the car and loading the stroller while the baby’s screaming all while it’s a million and one degrees outside…it just got overlooked. And I get reminded about it regularly by my 2 year old who remembers everything. “Mommy didn’t buckle me earlier and yesterday! Isn’t that so silly?!” Yeah….

Mom-fail #3 
I’m standing in church Sunday morning with my family (E has started coming to “big church” for the music part of our worship service since I’ve been taking a break from playing keyboard). I was just singing and noticing all of the babies in the service (our church is full of babies). I heard a baby start crying and thought to myself how glad I was that our church recognizes the blessing of children and enjoys having them in service. The baby continued to cry and I began to look around to find out whose it was. All the babies in my line of sight looked happy. “Whose baby is that?!” I said to myself. And then I realized what you’ve probably guessed by now…it was my baby. Mom-fail.

Thankful that these moments are laughable now. And thankful for grace as I muddle my way through this mess of motherhood.

Until next time!

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