Sticky sand activity

Since Zoe has been born, Elias hasn’t been getting as much outside time as he normally does and with the weather being 95+ this week, we haven’t been out much at all! I’ve been trying to come up with some different creative things to do inside as well as starting a bit of “school” with him last week. 
We are in the middle of a giant purge as we get ready for a garage sale and a possible down-sizing in the coming months. As I was going through some of my craft supplies, I came across several jars of sand leftover from decorating from my wedding. I immediately thought we should use them for some sort of activity for Elias. So thanks to the internet I found this recipe for “sticky sand”. So we made some!

Basically it makes perfect “wet” beach sand except it’s not really wet. It holds together and makes great sand castles! I put it in a big tub in the kitchen and let E go to town. Rookie mistake. Definitely should have put something down on the floor first. I’ll probably be sweeping sand for days. 

Anyway, he scooped and made sand shapes for a while. Then he got some trucks and things got really exciting. He played at that sand bucket for well over an hour! 
His little construction trucks were just the right size! 
We stored the leftover sand in the small plastic tub with a lid. Supposedly if it’s stored in an airtight container it will last for a long time. I guess we’ll see! But we won’t be doing it on the kitchen floor again for a good long while 😉

And this is what Zoe-bug thinks of sticky sand…

Don’t forget to check out the full recipe and original post here!

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