Elias is 3!

Our little boy turned 3 at the end of January. I can’t believe the time has gone by that fast. We celebrated on the weekend of his birthday while we were still in Idaho by taking him to play at a place called Jabbers. Another family with little boys went with us and they all had a great time. Here are some pics:





This past weekend, he had a combined party with his aunt and uncles (turning 6 and 4) at a fun place called KidMania. Nearly all of his cousins were there (including two new ones we hadn’t met yet!) so it was a great day of fun and catching up with family.




This is the first year I haven’t done a big “themed” birthday party for him. The timing just wasn’t good with us being away from home. I was a bit bummed about that at first but the way it turned out I think Elias had way more fun anyway and it was much less work! 😉

Elias started sleeping in a big boy bed while we were in Idaho so after 3 years of happily sleeping in his crib, we switched to a toddler bed when we got back home. He has done great in it and was very proud to help daddy put it together.


We are potty-training this week so we are almost over the last hurdle of babyhood and into the preschool years. I just can’t believe my first baby is three years old. Although this stage has brought unique parenting challenges, we are so blessed and encouraged to begin to see some of the seeds we’ve been planting paying off. He is growing up and maturing and it is a joy to be his momma.

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