January Birthdays

This was our first year to celebrate two January birthdays with parties for each of them. It was a full and fun month of birthday-ing! Here are a few pictures from each of their special days. A huge thank-you to my sweet friend, Hannah, for taking these beautiful pictures for us!!

Their birthday parties were days I expected to be really hard, but while we missed family and friends in the US, we felt so loved and our house was so FULL of new friends here! We are so thankful that God has put so many friends in our lives here to help ease the pain of homesickness. 

Enjoy the pictures!

Clara’s 1st Birthday Pancake Party. Fresh flowers (which are cheap here!) and homemade pancakes…ya can’t really go wrong with that. 



And Elias’ 5th birthday Lego party! If you can’t tell from his face, he had a blast!

One thought on “January Birthdays

  1. Hope all is well with each of you? All the pictures are beautiful…….so many pretty smiles! You are very missed by your families! Time flies by…..and I am sure you are each very busy with learning, and everyday life! Prayers for each of you as you share Jesus with others!

    Aunt Francis Ann


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