Ice Cream Princess

We celebrated Zoe’s 3rd birthday this past weekend. I cannot believe she’s three! Yet in other ways, just like all of life’s changes, I can’t imagine life before her. She is definitely the firstborn-girl of the family, the little momma-in-training. She is sweet and spunky, princess-loving, yet comes home from school covered in dirt from playing hard. Whatever she does, she does with all of her energy and emotions. Which means, when she is happy, she is SO very happy. And when she is upset, the world is ending. One of our favorite Zoe quotes is this one: as we are walking to the park on day, she looks up at the sky and says, “Blue!! I love blue!!”

And that is exactly her outlook on life. Everything is exciting and joy-bringing and full of life.

She asked for an “ice cream-princess” party so it was a fun challenge finding a way to bring those two loves to life. Here are some pictures of her big day and all of the friends who came to celebrate her.

IMG_20170624_154037IMG_20170624_153949IMG_20170624_154052IMG_20170624_153927IMG_20170624_153936IMG_20170624_155501IMG_20170624_153338IMG_20170624_153643IMG_20170624_153724IMG_20170624_153841IMG_20170624_160940IMG_20170624_161708_1IMG_20170624_161749IMG_20170624_161856VID_20170624_170413-ANIMATIONIMG_20170624_154540 (1)IMG_20170624_175046

Anyone who knows us knows we love a good party! But we are done with the party-throwing for this year. Tune in next year for more crazy Souza parties.

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