Our Happy Red Front Door!

Ever since we moved in to our house, I knew that I wanted to refinish the front door and paint it a nice cheerful red. So, a few weekends ago Marcos and I (with lots of help from the little man of course) took on the project we’ve been putting off for almost 2 years. It was a beautiful Saturday with not much going on and we knew we could get by without having a front door for a few hours so we got busy. 

We took the door off its hinges and moved it into the garage where Marcos started the process of sanding it down (ugh) while I went to pick out a paint color.

Oh, and of course our little supervisor…

Meanwhile, our front door looked like this…an  extra comforter from the closet held up by thumb tacks. 

I think it was about 3 trips to the paint store and several hours later, we had finished the sanding process and had a paint and primer ready to go. We used the color Salute by Sherwin Williams just FYI.
After we finished sanding however we realized that there were a lot of cracks that needed to be caulked in order to get a better looking finish. So, we did that which brought us to this point.

Then we had to do the first coat of primer on the front side of the door. Which of course I didn’t get any pictures of because I was racing the clock and a fussy baby by this time. After waiting for the primer to dry it was getting dark and cold so we called it a day and put the door back on.
Then Sunday afternoon during naptime we got to the fun part and knocked out both coats of paint on the front of the door. Which of course I also didn’t get any pictures of because I was the one painting and I don’t think of things like that. Ya know, I’m new at this whole blog thing…
Anyway, we didn’t get to the back of the door so we still have to decide what we are doing with that and do it. But this is what we ended up with after our little weekend project.

Not bad, eh? I love love love the red color! It makes me happy every time I look at it!
So that’s the story of our happy red front door. 

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