Thanksgiving 2013

The “holidays” are officially over. It’s hard to believe. It’s such a wonderful time of year but all the craziness made it a bit hard to keep up over here in blog-land. We are all recovering from the flu this week (no fun!) so while my boys are sleeping I’m going to catch up a bit on all of our holiday activities!

Thanksgiving seems like ages ago! So lets start there. We got to enjoy both sides of the family for Thanksgiving, making two trips to Texas to see my side of the family and then spending time with M’s side during the week and on Thanksgiving day. My side has lots of traditions that we just can’t miss out on! This year’s “theme” was train so lots of our holiday activities revolved around that. Here we are building “gingerbread” (aka graham cracker) trains. 

And relaxing after eating way too much!

Then back to Okie-C for us where Elias got to spend time with his cousins and help Vovó (Marcos’ mom) set up her Christmas decorations. 

Thanksgiving day we ran the OKC Turkey Trot for the first time which was fun (I think?). It was freezing and we took the boys in the bike trailer…what do you mean E looks miserable?

Yes that’s the only pic I took…but I promise we did actually run. At 11 weeks the baby bump was definitely feeling that 5K but we finished! Then later we cleaned up and ate way too much again with Marcos’ extended family.

Then it was back to Texas for more food and Christmas tree hunting with the Nelson side. We’ve yet to miss it and it will be a sad year that we do! There is lots to do at the tree farm and we love it!

Whew! And we haven’t even talked about Christmas yet! Coming right up!

We have so much to be thankful for and even amidst all of the food, family, and fun, we try to take time to thank the One who has given us so much. Hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving!


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