House Tour Before and After: The guest room

Haven’t updated the blog with one of these in a while but our snow day activities made me realize how far this room has come! So before I share nursery progress in there I thought I should do the good ol’ before and after. 

This room is at the end of the hallway past Elias’ room and the laundry nook. It is almost identical to E’s room (just a couple feet bigger). It was actually the only room in the house that we left the carpet in when we moved in so this is the room that we lived out of for the first few months we lived in the house. On a mattress. On the floor. Oh yeah…forgot about those days…

Here it is in all it’s blue metallic-y glory…

And this is the shot looking down the hallway.

Pretty right? Well during the major remodel we did all the basic stuff: patched holes, painted walls, trim, and window seat, replaced the outlet covers and doors, replaced the carpet, etc. We chose to paint it the same neutral beige color that we painted all the other main living spaces and hallways of the house. The only rooms we actually painted different colors were the master, E’s room and the bathrooms. This was partly for resale purposes and partly because my newlywed, pregnant, crazy brain couldn’t handle that many decisions 😉 So then it looked like this.

Then we got some hand-me-down furniture and new bedding and I put (very little) effort into making it look like an actual guest room. This room has had lots of various stages and arrangements and I wish I had taken pictures of all of them just to laugh. But basically it has looked like some version of this. 

Pretty recently I moved the bed over and hung that little birdcage so the view down the hall has been looking like this (yes most of the time there is a mess included). 

I also hung a little bit of stuff on the wall as you can see in this pic. All of that will get reused in the nursery. It’s just felt like this room has never really had a defined layout or purpose except when we actually have guests in there. It’s hard to keep clean because we don’t have good systems in place for the stuff that goes in there. And even though I had made attempts to “decorate”, this room just never really came together very well. Hopefully, all that will change soon!

This room also functions as our extra-stuff-that’s-waiting-for-a-real-home room so lots of the time the other half of the room looks like this. Keepin’ it real guys…

But aren’t those closet doors pretty?! I love love love the doors that we chose to replace all the interior doors in the house. They were a good choice!

Well, that’s where I’ll leave it for now. The snow days have been filled with trying to clean out this room to turn it into a nursery so I can’t wait to update on that! Happy snow days!


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