A weekend of goodbyes

We knew this day would come, but it seems strange that the goodbyes have officially begun. July 4th weekend we had several rounds of goodbyes as we prepared to leave Oklahoma City and head down to Texas before leaving the country.
That weekend was such a mix of emotions. Although it was very sad to be leaving our wonderful group of friends and family for a time, it was actually a very exciting time of being prayed over and anticipating beginning this adventure we’ve been looking forward to for so long.
Our awesome church family threw our first farewell party and sent us off with ice cream, encouraging notes and lots of prayer. 

Zoe and these two friends all have birthdays just a few weeks apart. They’ve been a fun trio!

Then, the next day, we did it again with family and friends in the area. This time it was a fun twist on a July 4th celebration as we said “goodbye” to America. We had another sweet time of prayer and lots of fun with friends we don’t get to see often.

Everyone signed these sweet pillowcases for each of our kids.


Finally, we had our last Sunday at our home church and said all of those goodbyes. It was a really sweet time helping to lead worship for the last time and being prayed over and sent out by these people we’ve walked so closely with for five years. Thankful that it is truly just a “see you later” and that it is all for the sake of the Gospel!

Then, we packed all of our belongings that we’ll have for the next year in Costa Rica into our two cars, and said goodbye to the grandparent’s house (thankfully it wasn’t goodbye to the grandparents quite yet) and to our city.

We are thankful for the amazing grace being poured out on us as we navigate these uncharted waters. We could literally feel the sustaining strength of our Father as we parted ways with so many sweet friends. Thank you for your prayers for everything up to this point and keep interceding for us as we face more difficult goodbyes in the coming weeks.

We’ll be back soon,




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