First impressions

After just 3 full days in Costa Rica, here are my first impressions, observations, and feelings:

  • It smells just like the rest of Central America 
  • Our house is wonderful 
  • The scenery is gorgeous
  • Fans are a necessity of life (Although not even close to the heat of Texas, I don’t think I’ve stopped sweating since we arrived thanks to the crazy humidity and no AC)
  • When they say don’t get caught without your umbrella, they mean it
  • Everything in our house is crooked
  • Jelly comes in squeeze pouches
  • Public transportation is intimidating 
  • Having friends already in country is a wonderful blessing!
  • The coffee is awesome
  • Lizards are our new housemates
  • This Texas mug (picked up at the airport by my favorite man) is making me happy 😊


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