School happenings

Elias’ preschool class is mostly Ticos (Costa Ricans) with only one other American in his class. Since for most of his classmates English is a second language, they had an “English Festival” to show how much they’ve learned so far this year. They’ve been learning what sound each letter makes and it has been really neat to see him starting to sound words out and ask questions like, “Does cat start with ‘c’ or ‘k’?”

Here are some pictures from their presentation. If you can’t tell from his expression, he loved it.  Also, one more bragging mom moment: he only had a few tiny lines to memorize for his part but the night before the presentation, he recited the ENTIRE thing to us at dinner, even the teacher’s parts!



The kids also had a Christmas program at school that they all participated in. They learned several songs and a Bible verse in Spanish. They were all adorable in their santa hats and of course, we were proud parents at their ability to memorize so much in another language. Even Clara knew all the hand motions to the songs and would clap and flap along at home. Sorry for the blurry pictures. We were really far back with nothing but an iPhone!


Zoe bottom row on the left, Clara being held top right
Elias second row, center



Elias practicing his verse at home (yes, he was sick…again):


Zoe’s class at the Christmas program:



Elias’ class plus the Kindergarten class:





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