Our life in pictures 

I’ve been struggling with writing a post since we’ve been in Idaho because it feels like really “nothing” is happening but at the same time our life is totally different than it was a few weeks ago so I figured I should post an update. So there is no coherent theme to this blog post, just scrolling back through the camera roll on my phone and using those pics to hopefully give you a glimpse of what our life is like right now. And fair warning: there are a lot of pictures in this post! You’re welcome, grandparents. 🙂

Here goes!
We do this…a lot. It has literally been sunny every single day since we got here (until this week) so the kids and I have had TONS of outside time while Marcos is in class. The door to our apartment is just off to the left of this picture so this is basically our front yard.

It’s pretty hard to beat a giant sandbox but this guy has also mastered the big boy bike (with training wheels) and goes crazy fast. And he climbs trees. When did he grow up?!

It feels like we’ve finally slowed down a little bit after some of the craziest 7 months of our lives and we have time for things like this again. These little moments feel so good.

Marcos has been doing his fair share of studying as well, though. He has really enjoyed being a mechanic again and getting back in the hangar, but the training has been fairly intense as they try to cover a massive amount of material while we are here. Hopefully, by the time he’s done, he’ll be able to keep a plane in the air…in the middle of the jungle.

Since Daddy is back to an 8-5 job, the kids and I are back in a “normal” routine. I’ve been taking advantage of little sister’s morning nap to start some “school” with Elias. We are using the Before Five in a Row books and Elias LOVES it.

Yes, this is school…

Every time we’ve come up here, we have really enjoyed the close community we have and this time is no different. There are two other families here and we have a combined 6 children age 3 and under so we have had a great time with them. We set up a date night rotation to watch each other’s kids so I got a much-needed date with this handsome guy.

We have also enjoyed sharing meals together, celebrating birthdays, and of course spending lots of time in the sandbox.

(This is really just here because she’s a cute little stinker)

A perk of your dad working at an airport and being just across the street: we met Marcos for lunch at the airport cafe which overlooks the runway. E thought it was pretty much the greatest thing that ever happened.

And it feels like fall here! Which apparently meant we all needed to wear denim to church. 😉

Well, that’s it for now. Starting in October, I will also be in class all day so that will be yet another adjustment. But for now, we are soaking up this slower pace full of sunny days, lots of sand, and a sense of routine.

Until next time!



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