Flexibility is the name of the game

Hey guys! I’m hoping to do a few quick posts to get you up to speed on our life – like the fact that we’ve had a third kid that I’ve failed to document on this blog. But for now I’ll share a day that was a pretty good snapshot of our life right now. 

Sundays are often very busy for us as we travel to different churches to share about our ministry. This Sunday was no different and we were also dealing with sickness and cranky kiddos. Juggling ministry work with  three small people and naptimes, sickness,  etc can be tricky and exhausting sometimes and we are learning that it takes LOTS of flexibility. 

After a last minute change of plans to leave the sick kids with the grandparents, we made it to the church, shared our presentation and enjoyed a potluck lunch with the congregation. By the time we picked up the kiddos it was long past naptime and of course all three of them fell asleep in the car. 

And here’s where the flexibility comes in.

 Rather than whine about the undoubtedly ruined naptime when we got home, Marcos (who is much better at this whole spontaneity thing than me) decided to make the best of it. We let them all sleep in their car seats and just kept driving – an extra 30 minutes out to a place called Pops on historic Route 66 Oklahoma. Not only did the kids get a nap in, we all enjoyed a family dinner and some old-fashioned soda pop and the kids had a great time choosing from the 700+ kinds of soda they have. And this is exactly why I married this guy. 😉

And that’s pretty much life for us right now. Traveling, speaking, adjusting to life with three kiddos and squeezing in family time along the way. Flexibility, folks. 

Until next time! 


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