January Birthdays

This was our first year to celebrate two January birthdays with parties for each of them. It was a full and fun month of birthday-ing! Here are a few pictures from each of their special days. A huge thank-you to my sweet friend, Hannah, for taking these beautiful pictures for us!! Their birthday parties were … Continue reading January Birthdays

First impressions

After just 3 full days in Costa Rica, here are my first impressions, observations, and feelings: It smells just like the rest of Central America  Our house is wonderful  The scenery is gorgeous Fans are a necessity of life (Although not even close to the heat of Texas, I don't think I've stopped sweating since … Continue reading First impressions

July 4th fun

We didn't do any major July 4th celebrating this year but here are pictures of some fireworks and swimming we managed to squeeze in amidst all the goodbyes! Thankful for the freedom we have in America and for the reminder of our great freedom in Jesus Christ! Happy 4th! Maddie