The Next Chapter

Welcome to our new site! We will hopefully be adding more content and gadgets as we get time but this is what we have for now. I won’t be blogging over at the Blogspot site anymore but all of the content from that blog has been moved over here if you want to go back … More The Next Chapter

Soooo…what’s next?

Well, the big news first…WE PASSED!! We just finished a week and a half technical evaluation with Mission Aviation Fellowship (more on our trip here and here). Basically, as a couple we were evaluated personally, spiritually, and psychologically, and then Marcos was evaluated technically as a maintenance specialist. At the end of all of that, the candidate … More Soooo…what’s next?

We’re Home!

After 16 days of travel and staying in four different locations, we are finally home! Just wanted to update about the second half of our trip and of course the RESULTS!!  So for the rest of the first week we were there, Marcos basically went to work for a typical “work day”, but was being evaluated … More We’re Home!

Here we go!

Early Saturday morning, as we boarded a plane at DFW airport, it felt like we were finally beginning a journey that has been growing in our hearts for years. For the next 10 days, we will be being evaluated by Mission Aviation Fellowship for service as overseas missionaries. Marcos is applying to be a maintenance … More Here we go!