Soooo…what’s next?

Well, the big news first…WE PASSED!! We just finished a week and a half technical evaluation with Mission Aviation Fellowship (more on our trip here and here). Basically, as a couple we were evaluated personally, spiritually, and psychologically, and then Marcos was evaluated technically as a maintenance specialist. At the end of all of that, the candidate committee extended an invitation to us to join their ministry! We really feel that God has opened this door and is leading us through it so we are following in faith as He guides us. 

Marcos’ job would be an airplane mechanic somewhere overseas to help keep the planes running so that they can be used to provide medical flights, transportation for missionaries and more. To find out more about MAF and their ministry go here

We are really excited about joining MAF at this particular time after hearing some of the board member’s hearts. MAF is trying to change the culture of their ministry from support members who back up the “real” missionaries to more of a culture of “living on mission”. In other words, rather than a mechanic, a pilot, and a missionary, they want to see everyone involved in the ministry as a missionary. Marcos will be a mechanic but he will also be a missionary. I will still be a stay-at-home mom, but I will also be a missionary. This is so in line with our thinking and especially the training we’ve received over the last 3 years at our church where we’ve been challenged to live on mission and find ways to incorporate disciple-making into the everyday rhythms of our life. We are excited to be a part of this change in the organization and we feel this is what God has been preparing us for. 

So, what does this mean for our life? Well, the next step will be in January when we return to MAF headquarters. We will go through two weeks of “candidacy” at the end of which we will be made official MAF staff and given a country assignment. Then two more weeks of training in how to raise financial support. After that month of training, we will be sent out to fundraise. MAF’s goal is to have us leave for language school in about 12-14 months after joining. So, tentatively we are shooting to go to language school sometime early in 2016. Language school would be a year long and then we would head out to our actual field assignment where we will be for the remainder of our four-year term. 

Yeah…HUGE life changes in the works at the Souza house!! We have tons of decisions to make about logistical stuff like when to sell our house, where to live for the rest of our time here, possibly a vehicle purchase, etc. 

So ways you can be praying for us are: 

  • Continued guidance and clarity from the Lord as He leads us down the path of the unknown
  • Wisdom as we make logistical and financial decisions
  • For the Lord to raise up ministry partners for us (both prayer and financial)
  • For boldness and courage to combat the fears that creep up in our hearts

We would so appreciate your prayers!

Also, we will be putting together a mailing list in the near future to send out prayer letters, updates, etc. so if you’d like to be on that please let me know! 



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