Nursery progress!

Well at 37 weeks and counting, I finally have a nursery progress post! We have been in a really busy season and I just hadn’t made time to get in there and get to work really until recently. One weekend in March I started going through the piles of stuff “on hold” in there. Like I mentioned in the before and after post, this room has sort of been a holding spot for everything that didn’t really have a home. It also held all of our board game collection, our sports equipment (balls, racquets, etc) along with several tubs of stuff from mine and Marcos’ childhood that didn’t go up in the attic. So there was quite a pile of stuff to go through after I pulled everything out of the closet. I did some of the major purging but the closet was still nowhere close to being baby ready. This is what we started with…

And this was the result of my “organizing”…yikes!
But by the time I got done the closet at least was looking a bit better…maybe?

We also worked on some furniture placement for the guest room/nursery combo. We wanted to leave the bed in this room so that we could still have a place for guests to sleep. When people come it will be easy to just move the baby to our room so that they will still have a bed. 

 In progress…

Then came the paint decision which was incredibly hard. Come to find out, a true gray with no undertones that is warm enough without being tan is really hard to find! Especially when the light in this room changes dramatically throughout the day. So I looked at these swatches for literally weeks. We finally decided on a color called Gray Owl for the walls and a light mint for the ceiling. 

 Here is the room all ready to paint! You can see the square of gray I painted on the wall out of a test pot of paint just to be sure ๐Ÿ™‚

And here are the painted walls! I forgot to take a pic before we put everything back so this is actually the most recent picture I have of the room. 
It’s really hard to get a true color in the pictures but this one is pretty good of the gray. (That’s a sneak peek of the changing table but hopefully that will get its own post!!)
I found the crib on craigslist and my wonderful momma paid for it ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s a Jenny Lind style and I absolutely love it! 

 Here it is set up in the room (professional photography here, I know). 

This past weekend is really when things started progressing in here, though. My mom came up on Friday and we spent a whirlwind of a day sorting, washing, and organizing baby clothes, hats, blankets, burp rags, and a jillion other things. She also helped get the closet finally organized and cleaned out (as well as my linen closet and a few other cabinets). She is seriously the queen of organizing. Look at this closet guys…

We also went shopping for some more organizing things and some adorable baskets for her changing table and bookshelf. Moms are awesome ๐Ÿ™‚

Then over the weekend, my mother-in-law helped with some touch up paint that needed to be done. My MIL is also going to sew the baby’s bedding (which is super exciting!) so we went and picked out fabric for that as well. My awesome hubby hung clothes rods in the closet and curtain rods and also made a jillion trips into the attic to retrieve all the random baby gizmos that have been stored up there since E used them (which I got all washed and assembled). He also sanded and primed the changing table for me and I was able to get two coats of paint on it (it still needs more so I’ll update on that later). 

I realize that it doesn’t look exactly “done” since there is still obviously a lot of decorating  and cleaning to do. A lot of that is waiting on the changing table and a few more trips to the thrift store ๐Ÿ˜‰ But all the major work and necessities are in place which is a huge relief since this baby’s arrival is quickly approaching. I will (hopefully) get in there with my “real camera” and give a full tour after we get the final touches done in there. Here’s my to-do list that’s left: 
  • Sew and hang curtains
  • Make and hang wall decor
  • Paint changing table and put things away on it
  • Get changing pad cover
  • Spray paint lamp
  • Organize and “pretty up” bookshelf
  • Get bedding made

So it should look a little more finished than this ๐Ÿ™‚

But we’re getting there! Can’t wait for this little munchkin!


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