Here we go!

Early Saturday morning, as we boarded a plane at DFW airport, it felt like we were finally beginning a journey that has been growing in our hearts for years. For the next 10 days, we will be being evaluated by Mission Aviation Fellowship for service as overseas missionaries. Marcos is applying to be a maintenance specialist with MAF. Although it has been quite a journey already to get to this point, it feels like we are finally “really doing it” as we’ve said so many times over the past few days. It has been amazing to see God work in our lives to bring us to this point and for both of us to know without a doubt that this is where He has led us. We have no idea what the outcome of these next two weeks will be, but we are taking it one step at a time as God reveals His path for our lives. 
We could almost feel the prayers being said for us on Saturday, when we navigated 3 airports and nearly five hours on two different flights with our two littles without any major upsets or meltdowns. Apparently we have the world’s best flying babies. 🙂 

The apartment we are staying in is very comfortable and it has a playground area literally RIGHT outside the front door so Elias has enjoyed that tremendously. 

We arrived Saturday afternoon and after getting unpacked and getting groceries, we shared dessert with some of the other missionary families staying in the apartments in an impromptu picnic. It was great to have some fellowship with other families as soon as we got here! Elias has already made friends with all the other little kids running around. He has experienced a bit of homesickness for the first time and has said every night at bedtime, “I want to go home to OUR home.” Poor buddy. He also has no concept of travel and that after getting off of the airplane we weren’t still close to Nanny and Papa’s. He kept saying we needed to go get our car from Papa’s house. 😉
Sunday we spent resting from our long day of traveling and Marcos spent most of the day cramming in some last-minute studying for his tests. 
Marcos and I met with the candidate committee Monday morning for our first interview which seemed to go well. Marcos then went out to the hangar after lunch to begin the written portion of his tests. He completed two tests and is working on a third “take-home” research test. We won’t know how he’s doing at all until his debriefing next Tuesday. We will have our final meeting with the committee next Tuesday afternoon and will get a decision at that time as to whether MAF wants to bring us on board. Needless to say, nerves are high for him right now. We are doing our psychological assessment and evaluations today. We just finished a nearly 600 question test for them to discover that we’re crazy…I don’t know why they didn’t just ask us 😉 Thanks to everyone for praying for the logistics of leaving the kids with babysitters for our various appointments. So far they have done great and I have been able to pump and leave plenty of breastmilk. 

Ways you can be praying for us right now are:
– Mental focus and recall for Marcos as he is evaluated technically
– Clarity and guidance from the Lord for us as we make these big decisions after receiving the yes or no next week
– Physical endurance and health as the nights are late and the mornings are early and as we all start to feel the effects of travel and stress

– Safe travel home next week

Thank you for partnering with us in prayer!



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