We’re Home!

After 16 days of travel and staying in four different locations, we are finally home! Just wanted to update about the second half of our trip and of course the RESULTS!! 

So for the rest of the first week we were there, Marcos basically went to work for a typical “work day”, but was being evaluated on everything he did during the day. The kids and I were free to do whatever, which mostly consisted of Elias playing in the sand box with “my kids” (the other missionary’s kids). So here are some pics to catch up.

Checking out the hangar with dad…

On Friday morning, I took the kids to a play place and Elias told me “I like going on dates with you mommy!” ❤

Saturday was Marcos’ birthday but he had a ton of studying to do. So one of the other mom’s and I took the kids to a nature park along the Boise river in downtown Boise. It was super fun!

Later, some of our new friends helped us celebrate with ice cream 🙂

Seriously, how cute is this?

We were supposed to fly home on Wednesday, but our flight got cancelled (no, not due to Ebola) because of a maintenance issue with the plane. So, we stayed the night in a hotel and flew home the next day. This is on the shuttle from the airport to the hotel…one of Elias’ favorite parts of the trip 😉

We finally got back to DFW late Thursday night and crashed at my parent’s house. We then drove back to Oklahoma on Friday…but not home. We stayed the weekend at a cabin with our missional family (small group from church). It was a fun, relaxing weekend!

So, after all of that…we made it home!! So, what’s next? Since this is already super long, I’ll be right back with the results of our eval and our tentative “what’s next” plan.


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